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Wednesday, 29 July 2009 at 16:55
It's good to be home. Gum's still a major pain, but got some new pills now... Had a chance to reflect more on my journey. What a great time! I didn't mention before the wonderful musicians that played tango for us through the week. We had a visiting tango band, an orchestra made up of the festival participants, almost operatic singing, piano and bass and of course bandoneon. Bliss. Thinking now of the SFTX (http://sftx.info/) 2010, and before that the winter Taboe camp in NL. Homer and Cristina (one of the founders of SFTX) were a real inspiration as usual, both personally and in their classes. Maria and Ismael were also excellent, they had such grace and timing in their movements. There was one moment where they used the first beat of a song after the soft intro to move into close embrace. It is one of my strongest mental images from the festival. I hope to keep in touch with some of the interesting people I met there. It always makes me smile just how easy it is to meet people either doing or thinking along similar lines as you in the tango crowd.

So, now that I'm back, the matter of paying the rent arises. After a clarifying meet with my business partner, we've decided to take a little longer over the Champagne Singles launch event, to give us time to refine and prove the idea on a smaller scale first and built up demand. So, the 5th Sept is off. It's for the best I feel, especially as the venue lease holder was served with an eviction notice. It also gives me more time now to focus on my book, which I feel has a better chance of making money sooner, so, lets see what happens in the coming weeks.

I do feel a little embarrassed about postponing the event though, telling so many people about it, accepting their generosity in helping and telling their contacts, now to have it not go ahead as planned. I don't like not doing what I say I'm going to do, but sometimes things happen beyond our control (actually quite often), so that's life!

It's great also to have a little more space now to move the PePol project forward, something bigger and grander and with the potential to make a real contribution to combating climate change. We're finalising the overview document and mockups before seeking funding, so more details when we do.

Tango was strange tonight at Archers, probably need to give it a rest for a wee bit.

A quick note on "switch catches" - some of the combinations that fit into the idea are of course very well known, it's the wrapping it up as an idea and exploring the various unusual, yet relatively straight forward possibilities of it I feel is new.

To bed.


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